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Make your reservations here. We will guide in the process so you can have a more accurate estimation of the time and price of your tattoo. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us if you have doubts or need extra help.

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Booking Process

Booking Process

All the sizes and prices are estimates. The final price depends on the design, how detailed it is and how long it will take to get it done. Every case is different and we want to make sure you get the best experience.

After you have booked, we will get in touch to fix final details if it is needed.


Big jobs, such as sleeves, legs, full chest or back, are priced differently, we charge $700 per session. This is to make it more affordable for you. Usually a session last 4 hours, sometimes a bit more.

When you make your booking we will ask you for a reservation deposit* that will later be arranged with the final price of your tattoo. 

   When you come to your appointment please bring cash, we dont take efpost, thanks lots and see ya soon ¡¡¡ 

  Important: sometimes once you arrive you might have to wait a bit until we start with your appointment. We do the bookings the best way that we can but,  some tattoos takes  extra time to get done, remember we do art on skin, and your skin is the most important for us, we can´t rush . So, we recommend to come with extra time, just in case, especially for big jobs. 



*Deposits are not refundable.

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