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Mikka Tattoo

Tattoo studio, best ink, best vibes and, more..

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Meet Mikka

  Mikka started tattooing 16 years ago. Then he created the Mikkatattoo concept. He has practiced his art around the world, learning from artists in many countries and connecting with different cultures. He’s passionate about the art, the people and the gateway that the industry has created for him to access new experiences. He loves the freedom in the art and the connection he forms with the clients. 

  He says tattoos are transformative, people come away as a better version of themselves.

   “It’s very deep because you get into someone's skin and you are handling their blood, their energy and their karma. Everything is there. And I am giving my energy and my art and creating something that is positive and meaningful for the rest of their lives.

  A tattoo leaves an echo. A special ritual like a prayer that lasts forever.”

   We are very happy now to introduce our lovely new team of artists at Mikkatattoo:

  Mikka: 17 years of experience, Originally from Salta, Argentina. his specialty is Black and gray realism, whipping dot work, black work, full color ilustration, anime and comic. With  his very versatile skills he manage to do the best tattoo experience for you. 

    instag: @mikkatattooes


   Julian: He is originally from Colombia, he has been in the industry for about 8 years, he specializes in realism , black and gray and full color.





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